Spring Work Party Sat May 12

The annual spring work party to open the pool for the season will take place Saturday May 12 from 8am to 2pm.  Lunch (pizza) will be served.  Come help us get the pool ready for our May 26 opening and earn your work deposit back.

2018 Membership Update


Assessments for the 2018 season will be $440.00.  The increase is due to long term capital improvements and increased operating costs.

If the entire assessment is paid on or prior to (or postmarked by) March 1, 2018, a $22 discount will be applied and the assessment will be $418.00

Assessments paid after March 1, 2018 and prior on or to May 1, 2018 will be the $440.00.

After May 1, 2018, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed making the total assessment $465.00.

A payment plan is offered, please Amelia Epperson at membership2018@barrancapool.com if this is something you would like to set up.

If you plan to pay your assessment early or use the payment plan, please fill out a 2018 Patron Form and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk. Please fill out both sheets clearly (for accuracy) and completely, and please include an accurate email address.  Please mail your check and completed forms to:

c/o Amelia Epperson
2156 B 33rd Street
Los Alamos, NM 87544


BMPA has some memberships available for sale.  If you have been a renter in the past and would like to buy a membership…..NOW is a great time to do so!!  If you know of anyone interested in purchasing a membership, please have them contact Amelia Epperson at  membership2018@barrancapool.com .

Membership Sales
If purchased on or prior to March 1, 2018                                                       $50.00
If purchased March 1-March 31, 2018                                                             $75.00
If purchased April 1 – May 1, 2018                                                                   $100.00

Remember, that this is just to purchase the membership, and the yearly assessment fee will still apply.


All BMPA members are consider “active” and in good standing if the assessment fees for the current year and previous year(s) have been paid in full.  As a member, you are responsible to either pay the assessment, sell your membership (permanent transfer), or rent your membership. Only active memberships may be rented.


When filling out the BMPA 2018 Patron form, please print CLEARLY. BMPA will continue to mail (via the US Postal Service) a Fall and Spring Newsletter. (Newsletter are also available on the website under Newsletters.) Outside of this, other correspondence will be done via email. Please list a valid email on your membership form. BMPA also has a website that is FULL of information such as contact information, pool schedules, rules and by-laws, membership forms, etc.  If you are a Facebook user, BMPA has a Facebook page. Search for Barranca Mesa Pool and “like” us!

Please feel free to contact me at membership2018@barrancapool.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Amelia Epperson
2018 Membership, BMPA Board

2018 Pool Board

President:   Armand Groffman
Vice-President:  Brigit Jansen
House:   Jorg Jansen
Treasurer: David Kratzer
Secretary: Melanie Colgan
Employment: Sarah Work
Membership: Amelia Epperson

Annual Meeting Mon Nov 6

The annual meeting of the Barranca Mesa Pool Association will be held Monday Nov. 6 at 7:00 pm in the Teachers Lounge at the Barranca Mesa Elementary School.  Officers for the 2018 season will be elected.  Members please attend or send in the proxy ballot contained in your fall newsletter.


If you are interested in staffing for the 2018 season, please note that applications are available online at www.barrancapool.com/employment.  The deadlines for applying are November 19th for manager and assistant manager and December 10th for lifeguards and basketroom attendants. These deadlines are firm.

Look for your Fall Newsletter in the mail in mid-October. News for the upcoming season, 2018 assessment information,  and any policy changes will be listed. There will be a ballot for upcoming open board positions. Please take the time to vote and return the ballot. The pool’s annual meeting is Monday, November 6, 2017.

Final Weekend & Closing Work Party

This Labor Day weekend is the final weekend of the 2018 season.  The pool will close for the season on  Monday September 4th at 2:00pm.

The pool closing work party will be Saturday, September 9th from 8:00am–12:00pm.
Please consider coming to work to close the pool. If you have not earned your $45 work deposit, this is another opportunity to do so. Please note that children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by a working parent. Helpful items to bring include sturdy work gloves and tools such as crescent wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers. We hope to see you there! This is our pool, and your contributions are greatly needed and appreciated.