Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will run the week of June 12th as originally scheduled. Due to the pool closure on Mon-Tues, we will start sign-up for swim lessons on Saturday, June 3rd.

Class Size/Limits:  In order to provide a productive learning environment and with safety in mind, we will be limiting class sizes for swim lessons. Please sign up early to get the class you want at your preferred time slot. After one time slot fills, students will be registered in an earlier or later class.

You can sign up for swim lessons up through and including the start date of lessons. However, in order to adequately schedule staff, the decision of whether a class “goes” (meaning there are a minimum number of students in a class), will be Saturday, June 10th at 7:00 p.m. Therefore, we urge you to sign up early if you are interested in swim lessons. After Saturday evening you can still sign up for lessons, but only for classes with sufficient enrollment.