Pool Opens Noon Today

Barranca Pool opens for the 2015 season at noon today, Saturday May 23.  The pool will be open through Monday for the Memorial Day weekend, then close Tuesday to Friday.  The pool will re-open for the full summer schedule on Saturday May 30.

See the pool schedule hours here.

East Park Pool

Barranca Mesa Pool and East Park Pool are separate entities. Purchasing a membership at one pool does not give you admission to the other.  Members of Barranca Mesa Pool do not have permission to use their membership at East Park Pool, and East Park Pool Members do not have permission to use their membership at Barranca Mesa Pool.  Barranca Mesa Pool and East Park Pool do not have a reciprocal membership agreement, unless their own pool is closed for safety reasons such as: pool contamination, mechanical failure, accident investigation.
Jill Beck, President East Park Pool Association.
Martin Pieck, President Barranca Mesa Pool Association.

Opening Work Party – Sat. May 9 8am-2pm – Lunch Provided

Work parties are a lot of fun, but work is the operative word. This is your pool, and we really need your help in OPENING AND CLOSING it. Please come, even if only for part of the day. Free sodas and pizza will be provided for lunch. NOTE THAT CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14 must be accompanied by a working parent. Tasks to be accomplished include removing the pool cover, preparing the filter pit, opening the bath house, setting up the deck, trimming the pyracantha, and maintaining the landscaping and perimeter fence.
Helpful things to bring:
• Sturdy work gloves
• Crescent wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers
• Long-handled pruning shears (to trim the Pyracantha during the opening work party)